Pervalka Lighthouse

Lithuania - Pervalka Lighthouse

Pervalka Lighthouse
Pervalka, Curonian Lagoon, Lithuania

Pervlaka (Pferdehaken, Perwelk) (2) 1948 (station established 1900). Active; white light, characteristic unknown. 14 m (46 ft) round cast iron tower, painted red; lantern painted white. A photo by Rimantas Lazdynas is at right, Sriubas has contributed a good photo, Lithuanian Wikipedia has a page for the lighthouse, ARLHS has an older photo, and Google has a satellite view. Lighthouse Explorer has Michel Forand’s postcard view of the original lighthouse, which was very similar to the present light. Pervalka is a town on the east side of the Curonian Spit, facing the Curonian Sound. The light marks the convergence of three channels, leading respectively north to Klaipėda, southwest to Nida, and southeast to Ventės Ragas on the mainland side of the sound. Located on a small artificial island just off the cape Zirgu Ragas on the north side of town. Accessible only by boat, but there should be excellent views from the mainland. Site and tower closed. Operator: Inland Waters Navigation Inspectorate. Site manager: Kuršių Nerija National Park. ARLHS LIT-005. – The Lighthouse Directory

Lithuania - Pervalka Lighthouse stamps

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