Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Philippines - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse


Cape Bojeador (Burgos)1892. Active; focal plane 118 m (386 ft); three white flashes every 5 s. 20 m (66 ft) octagonal cylindrical brick tower, painted white, attached to 1-story brick keeper’s house. Portions of the original 1st order Fresnel lens, badly damaged by an earthquake in 1990, remain in the lantern; a small modern lens is mounted inside what’s left of the original lens. The original rotating mechanism is intact. Assistant keeper’s houses and other light station buildings. This is a staffed station. A photo is at right, another photo is available, John Ryan Cordova has a closeup of the tower, Wikimedia has numerous photos, and Google has a satellite view. This historic lighthouse, with its classic Spanish colonial architecture, is easily the best known and most visited light station in the country; the keepers often provide tours. It has been in dilapidated condition for years and was further damaged by Typhoon Feria in 2001. In 2003 the Coast Guard signed an agreement with Cape Bojeador Lighthouse Development Inc., a quasi-public, nonprofit organization that plans to restore and operate the lighthouse. This effort is reported to be supported by the government of Ilocos Norte province. However, a December 2009 photo by Aja Lorenzo Lapus does not show much improvement in conditions, and a January 2010photo is nearly identical to a 2005 photo. Located at the northwestern corner of the island and the country 45 km (28 mi) north of Laoag. Accessible by road. Site and tower open. ARLHS PHI-012; Admiralty F2722; NGA 14000. – The Lighthouse Directory

Philippines - Cape Bojeador Lighthouse stamps

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