Norderney Lighthouse

Germany - Norderney Lighthouse

Norderney Lighthouse

 Norderney1874. Active; focal plane 59 m (194 ft); three white flashes, separated by 2.8 s, every 12 s. 54 m (177 ft) octagonal brick tower with lantern and gallery mounted on a tall square brick base. Tower is unpainted reddish brown brick; lantern painted black. The lantern is wrapped in screening to protect migrating birds from smashing into the glass. The original rotating 1st order Sautter, Lemonnier & Cie. Fresnel lens remains in use. A photo by Jens Pletsch is at right, Trabas has a photo by Klaus Potschien, the Leuchtturm-Atlas web site for the lighthouse includes a portfolio of photos, Wikimedia has numerous photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a good satellite view. This is a magnificent and well-maintained lighthouse. A thorough restoration was carried out during 2004-05; Werning has a photo taken during this project. The great lens has 24 segments, with every fourth segment darkened; it makes a complete rotation every 72 s. The light is visible for 20 nautical miles (37 km or 23 mi). Located in the center of the island of Norderney; accessible by road. Site open, tower open during the summer season. Operator: WSA Emden. ARLHS FED-025. Admiralty B1054; NGA 10072. -The Lighthosue Directory

Germany - Norderney Lighthouse stamps


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