Warnemünde Lighthouse

Germany - Warnemunde Lighthouse

 Warnemünde Lighthouse

Warnemünde Westmole (2)1985 (station established 1963). Active; focal plane 14 m (46 ft); green light, 2 s on, 2 s off. 12 m (40 ft) round metal tower with lantern and double gallery, painted green with a white horizontal band between the galleries. Fog horn (Morse code “WN” every 30 s: short blast, two longs, pause, long, short.) Werning has an excellent photo, Trabas has a closeup, Wikimedia has a photo of the two mole lights in action, and Google has a satellite view. The lighthouse was relocated in 1998 onto a new arm of the west mole extending slightly to the east of the original mole ending. This lighthouse and its sibling on the east mole are known locally as Die Zwillinge (the twins). The 1963 lighthouse was relocated to a park in Rostock (see below). The history of the mole lights of Warnemünde is quite complex; both moles have been extended several times and there have been several lights on each mole. Michel Forand has a postcard photo showing the situation in 1959, shortly before the 1963 lights were installed, and another postcard view of the older beacons on the west mole. Located at the end of the west mole at the entrance to the river Warnow in Warnemünde. Accessible in good weather by walking the mole. Site open, tower closed. Operator: WSA Stralsund. ARLHS FED-258; Admiralty C1405; NGA 3452. -The Lighthouse Directory

Germany - Warnemunde Lighthouse stamps

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