Borkum Lighthouse

Germany - Borkum Lighthouse


Borkum Lighthouse


Borkum (Großer Leuchtturm, Neuer Leuchtturm)1879 (station established 1817). Active; focal plane 63 m (207 ft); two white flashes, separated by 2.7 s, every 12 s; at 46 m (151 ft) there is also a directional light displaying continuous white, red, or green light depending on direction. 60 m (197 ft) round brick tower with a tall (3-story) octagonal base, lantern and gallery. The tower is unpainted gray-brown brick, the base is covered in brown tile; the lantern has a red dome. Klaus Friese’s photo is at the top of this page, Werning has a page with great photos, Trabas has an excellent photo by Klaus Potschien, Wikimedia hasphotos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a great satellite view. This robust tower is either the second or third tallest brick lighthouse in the world, comparable to the famous Cape Hatteras Light in the U.S. It is the landfall light for the Ems estuary and the port of Emden. Recently restored. Located on Strandstraße at Goethestraße near the west end of the island. Site open; tower open for climbing daily April through October and on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons November through March. Operator: WSA Emden. ARLHS FED-009; Admiralty B0970; NGA 10032. _The Lighthouse Directory

Germany - Borkum Lighthouse stamps

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