Fort Kronshlot Lighthouse

Russia - Fort Kronshlot Lighthouse


Fort Kronshlot Lighthouse
Kronshadt, Russia

Fort Kronshlot (Kronshtadt Range Front)1891. Active; focal plane 25 m (82 ft); continuous red light shone to the west; white light, 4 s on, 1.5 s off, shone to the east. 25 m (82 ft) round cast iron tower with lantern and gallery, painted red, built just outside the walls of Fort Kronshlot. An aerial photo is available, Capt. Peter has a good photo, a distant photo of the fort and lighthouse is available, and Google has a satellite view. Built by Peter the Great in 1704, Fort Kronshlot is the oldest of the many fortresses protecting Kronshtadt and St. Petersburg. The range guides ships up the channel on the south side of Ostrov Kotlin toward the naval base at Kronshtadt. Located on a small island just west of the naval base, near the east end of Ostrov Kotlin. Accessible only by boat, but there are distant views from Kronshtadt and from the civilian port of Lomonosov on the mainland 3 km (2 mi) to the south. Site and tower closed. ARLHS ERU-046; Admiralty C4012; NGA 13016. -The Lighthouse Directory

Russia - Fort Kronshlot Lighthouse stamps

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