Travemünde Lighthouse

Germany - Altester Lighthouse

Travemünde Lighthouse

 Travemünde (2)1539 (station established at least by 1316). Inactive since 1972. 31 m (101 ft) round six-stage brick tower with a full gallery at the fifth stage and a half gallery at the third. Apparently the light was shown through a window and there was never a lantern. A photo by Michael Mertens is at the top of this page, Werning has a page with a good photo, Wikimedia has photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a good satellite view. This is (easily) Germany’s oldest lighthouse. There is evidence of a light being displayed at Travemünde as early as 1226 and definite record of a lightkeeper being employed from 1316. The original lighthouse was destroyed by Danish troops in 1534. Open fires were displayed for centuries; a lens was added in 1827. The lighthouse remained in service until the construction of a high-rise hotel made it obsolete; the light was then moved to the roof of the hotel and the old light station became a museum. A restoration of the tower was completed in 2003. Located in downtown Travemünde on the north side of the entrance to the river Trave, the inner harbor of Lübeck. Site open; museum and tower open daily April through October and during the Christmas holidays; otherwise weekends only during the winter. Site manager: Leuchtturm Travemünde. ARLHS FED-241. – The Lighthouse Directory

Germany - Altester Lighthouse stamps

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