Ouistreham Lighthouse

France - Ouistreham Lighthouse

Ouistreham Lighthouse
Le Phare, France

Ouistreham1905. Active; focal plane 37 m (121 ft); white or red light, depending on direction, 3 s on, 1 s off. 38 m (125 ft) round granite tower with lantern and gallery. The lantern, gallery, and watch room are painted red and the rest of the tower white, except the 1-story base is unpainted gray stone. 2-story stone keeper’s house. A photo is at right, Werning has a fine photo, Trabas has Arno Siering’s photo, Nel de Jong Vlaardingen has another good photo, Phareland has numerous photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, Marinas.com has aerial photos, and Google has a finesatellite view. This lighthouse stood at the eastern end of the beaches invaded by Allied troops on D-Day, 6 June 1944. Captured by British forces in the initial assault, it escaped destruction by the Germans. The 100th anniversary of the lighthouse was celebrated in June 2005. The lighthouse stands beside the lock at the entrance to the Canal de Caen à la Mer, which allows vessels to reach the city of Caen, 14 km (9 mi) to the south. Note: Ouistreham is pronounced “Weesstrum.” Located on the Quai Georges Thierry in Ouistreham, at the mouth of the Orne River. Site open, tower open but we have no information on the schedule. ARLHS FRA-377; FR-0435; Admiralty A1377; NGA 8552. -The Lighthouse Directory

France - Ouistreham Lighthouse stamps

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