Norah Head Lighthouse

Australia - Norah Head LH


Norah Head Lighthouse

 Norah Head1903. Active; focal plane 46 m (151 ft); white flash every 15 s; for coastwise shipping a continuous red light (focal plane 39 m (128 ft)) is shown to the northeast and a continuous green light (focal plane 44 m (145 ft)) to the southwest. 27 m (90 ft) round concrete block tower attached to a 1-story concrete block keeper’s house, all painted white. The 1st order bivalve Fresnel lens with the original rotating mechanism remains in use. Several 1-story assistant keeper’s houses, one occupied by a resident keeper and two others available for overnight accommodations. Brian Yap has a good photo, Wikipedia has an article with excellent photos including Yun Huang Yong’s photo at right, Lighthouses of Australia also has a page for the lighthouse, and Google has a good satellite view. The Norah Head Reserve Lighthouse Trust works for the preservation and maintenance of the light station. In November 2003 the 100th anniversary of the station was celebrated. Located on a headland just southeast of Norahville, on the narrow strip of land separating Tuggerah Lake from the Pacific. Site open; tours of the tower available daily around midday. Operator: AMSA. Site manager: DNR. ARLHS AUS-119; Admiralty K2712; NGA 6152. – The Lighthouse Directory

Australia - Norah Head LH stamps from Hong KongFrom a Postcrosser in China

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