Barra’s Lighthouse – Santo Antonia da Barra

Brazil - Barra's Lighthouse


Barra’s Lighthouse – Farol da Barra
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

 Santo Antônio da Barra (“Farol da Barra”)1839. Active; focal plane 39 m (128 ft); white light on 5 s, off 5 s, except every third showing is red rather than white. 22 m (72 ft) round tapered tower with lantern and gallery, painted with black and white horizontal bands. The lighthouse is built atop the Forte de Santo Antônio da Barra, a historic fortification dating from the sixteenth century. Albert Cesario’s photo is at the top of this page, a fine 2007 photo and a 2008 closeup are available, a page for the lighthouse has many photos, Wikimedia has many photos, Trabas has a closeup by Thomas Philipp, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a good satellite view. A light was displayed from the fort as early as 1698, leading to a claim that this is the oldest light station in the Americas (there are other claimants). One of Brazil’s best known lighthouses and one of Bahia’s best known attractions. In 1998 the fort and lighthouse were restored and converted to a maritime museum, the Museu Náutico da Bahia; there is also a coffee shop. Located on the Ponta de Santo Antônio marking the northern entrance to the Bahia Todos os Santos, the harbor of Salvador, Bahia’s state capital and Brazil’s colonial capital. Site open; museum open Sundays; in 2011 the tower was also opened to visitors. ARLHS BRA-096; Admiralty G0242; NGA 18028. -Lighthouse Directory

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