Pilsum Lighthouse

Germany - Pilsum Lighthouse


Pilsum Lighthouse

 Pilsum1891. Reactivated (inactive 1915-2005, now privately maintained and unofficial); light pattern unknown. 11 m (36 ft) round cylindrical cast iron tower with a conical roof. No lantern; the light was displayed through a window at the top of the tower. Lighthouse painted with red and yellow horizontal bands. Werning has a good page for the light, a fine closeup is available, and Google has a satellite view. The lighthouse was built to display a directional light and became obsolete when a shorter channel was cut south of Borkum Island. Maintained between the World Wars as a daybeacon, the lighthouse was effectively abandoned at the start of World War II and became a rusted wreck by the 1960s. In 1973 the exterior was restored and painted with its present colorful pattern (originally the lighthouse was all red, later red in the lower 2/3 and yellow above). Another restoration in 1984 included replacement of the roof and ventilator ball. A complete restoration, inside and out, was carried out in 1997-98. In early 2005, the lighthouse was reactivated with a new 60 cm (24 in) lens. Located on a dike at the eastern entrance to the Ems, about 10 km (6 mi) north of Campen. Accessible by the coastal road. Site open, tower open for tours on selected Sundays. Site manager: Diechacht Krummhörn. ARLHS FED-018. -The Lighthouse Directory

Germany - Pilsum Lighthouse stamps

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