Alleppey Lighthouse

India - Alleppey Lighthouse


Alleppey Lighthouse
Alappuzha District, India

 Alleppey (Alappuzha)1862. Active; focal plane 33 m (108 ft); white flash every 15 s. 28 m (92 ft) round masonry tower with lantern and gallery, painted with red and white horizontal bands. Rakesh Barua’s photo is above, John Alex also has a good photo, a good 2007 photoand another photo are available, and Google has a satellite view. This historic lighthouse has a rare teak spiral stairway. It was painted all white for many years; the red bands were added in 2000. The 150th anniversary of the lighthouse was celebrated in 2012. Located just of the beach in Alleppey (now usually called Alappuzha). Site open, tower open in late afternoon daily. ARLHS IND-071; Admiralty F0706; NGA 27516. – The Lighthouse Directory


India - Alleppey Lighthouse stamps

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