Switzerland - Rheinuferstrasse


Rheinuferstrasse, Switzerland

Switzerland - Rheinuferstrasse stamps

Old City Hall of Minsk

Belarus - City Hall Minsk painting


Old City Hall of Minsk, Belarus

Recently reconstructed from the original plans

Belarus - City Hall Minsk painting stamps

Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuania - Vilnius


Vilnius, Lithuania

Church of St Peter and St Paul, National Museum of Lithuania, Cathedral and Bell Tower, Gedimino Street, madonna of Ausros Gate, Chruch of St Anne, Ausros Gate, Building of the Higher and Lower Castles.

Lithuania - Vilnius stamps


Poland - Gdansk Motlawa River


Gdansk, Poland
Motlawa River

Poland - Gdansk Motlawa River stamps

Climbing Aconcagua

Argentina - Aconcagua - from Taiwan

Climbing Aconcagua

from a Postcrosser in Taiwan

Argentina - Aconcagua - from Taiwan stamps

Cityscape beneath the Plane

Ukraine - Plane


Ukraine - Plane stamps

Map of the Netherlands

Netherlands - Map


Map of the Netherlands

Netherlands - Map stamps

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