Lighthouse and Lion at Harbor Entrance at Lindau

Germany - Lindau am Bodensee


Harbor Entrance with Lighthouse and Bavarian Lion Sculpture at Night

Lindau at Bodensee, Germany

Lindau (Westmole)1856. Active; focal plane 35 m (115 ft); white flash every 3 s but only when triggered by radio signals from arriving ships. 33 m (108 ft) round stone tower with lantern and gallery. A photo by Winfield Tommerdich appears above, Werning has a goodphoto, Michele Pegoraro has a nice nighttime view, a good closeup is available, Wikimedia has numerous photos, Huelse has a historic postcard view, and Google has a satellite view. This lovely and much-photographed lighthouse is located at the end of the west mole sheltering the town’s harbor. The lighthouse was built and operated by the railroad (now Deutsche Bahn) until the railroad dropped its ferry routes and sold its Lindau harbor facilities to Stadtwerke Konstanz, which operates ferry service from Lindau to Meersburg on the German side and Romanshorn in Switzerland. In 2010 the town of Lindau acquired the lighthouse and opened it to the public as a museum. Site open, museum and tower open daily except when bad weather makes the pier unsafe. Owner/site manager: City of Lindau. ARLHS FED-145. – Lighthouse Directory


Germany - Lindau am Bodensee stamps

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