Gaski Lighthouse

Poland - Gaski Lighthouse


Gaski Lighthouse


Gąski {Funkenhagen}1878. Active; focal plane 50 m (164 ft); white light occulting three times, separated by 2.5 s, every 15 s. 50 m (163 ft) German Imperial round brick tower with lantern and gallery, rising from a 2-story octagonal brick base. 1st order Fresnel lens in use. 2-1/2 story brick keeper’s house. Light station surrounded by a brick wall. Wikimedia has several photos, Huelse has a good photo and a historicalpostcard view, Anke and Jens have photos, and Trabas has a good postcard photo, but the lighthouse is barely seen in Google’s distant satellite view. Unlike other Polish lighthouses, this handsome tower escaped major damage during World War II. After having its deteriorating brickwork patched up repeatedly over the years, the tower was thoroughly restored in 1995-97. The lighthouse is now open to the public; the keeper’s house includes a restaurant and gift shop. Located on the coast about 20 km (13 mi) east of Kołobrzeg. Site open; museum and tower open but information is needed on the schedule. Operator: Urząd Morski w Słupsku. ARLHS POL-004; Admiralty C2914; NGA 6560. – Lighthouse Directory

Poland - Gaski Lighthouse stamps

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