Westkapelle Noorderhoofd Light

Netherlands - Noorderhoofd Lighthouse


Westkapelle Noorderhoofd Light  

 Noorderhoofd (Westkapelle Low) (Range Front)1876 (Quirinius Harder). Active; focal plane 18 m (59 ft); red, white, or green light depending on direction, 7 s on, 3 s off. 16 m (52 ft) round cast iron tower with lantern and gallery, painted red with a white horizontal band; lantern is white with a red dome. In Anke/Jens’s June 2004 photo the lowest part of the tower is painted a darker red, but Marc de Kleijn’s photo at right shows this is no longer the case. Trabas has a closeup photo by Joke Reijnen, Werning has a good photo, Huelse has a historic postcard view, Forand has a 1963 postcard photo, and Google has a goodsatellite view. Prefabricated by Nering Bögel, Deventer. This light forms a range with the high light for ships at a distance approaching the Westerschelde; the red and green sectors warn nearby ships away from shoals to the south. Located just behind the sea dike at Westkapelle, at the western tip of Walcheren, marking the northern entrance to the Westerschelde. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS NET-031; NL-0052; Admiralty B0173.9; NGA 9140. – Lighthouse Directory

Netherlands - Noorderhoofd Lighthouse stamps

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