Chania Lighthouse

Chania Lighthouse ~ Crete

 Chania (Khaniá, Khanion)1864 (station established by Venice in the 15th century). Active; focal plane 26 m (85 ft); red flash every 2.5 s. 26 m (85 ft) round cylindrical stone tower with lantern and gallery, mounted on a much older stone base. The light is now displayed from the top of the lantern. The entire lighthouse is unpainted white stone; lantern painted white. A 2009 photo is at the top of this page, Traba has a closeup by Arno Siering, Stavros Markopoulos has a 2008 photo, Wikimedia has photos, Huelse has a historicpostcard view, and Google has a satellite view. The port of Chania was built by Venice on the site of the ancient town of Kydonia, and the stone base of this lighthouse is part of the 15th century Venetian lighthouse. In recent years Chania has become a popular cruise ship port, making this one of the best-known and most-often-photographed Greek lighthouses. Savas’s photos show that it was in poor condition by the late 1990s. In 2006 a thorough restoration was carried out; Martin Belam’s phototaken on 2 May 2006 shows the lighthouse with its lantern removed and the tower wrapped in scaffolding. Located at the end of the breakwater mole on the east side of the entrance to Chania harbor, near the northwestern corner of Crete. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS CRE-004; Admiralty E4781; NGA 16012. -Lighthouse Directory

From a Postcrosserin Germany, a lighthouse card from her vacation in Crete

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