Santa Marta Lighthouse

Santa Marta Lighthouse
Cascais, Portugal

Santa Marta (Range Front)1868. Active; focal plane 25 m (82 ft); white or red light, depending on direction, 4.5 s on, 1.5 s off. 20 m (66 ft) square masonry tower with lantern and double gallery. Tower colored with blue and white horizontal bands, lantern painted red. Fog horn (one 3 s blast every 10 s). Paula Sofia Simoes’s photo is at right, Trabas has a good closeup, Guyomard and Carceller havephotos by Eric Valenne, has aerial photos, and Google has a satellite view. This lighthouse serves general navigation and also serves as the front light of the Barra do Norte Range, the Farol de Guia being the rear light. The lighthouse was increased in height by 8 m (26 ft) in 1936 in order to make it more visible against an increasingly crowded background. Huelse has apostcard view of the lighthouse before it was extended. Adjacent to the lighthouse are the ruins of the 17th century Forte de Santa Marta. In 2000, the lighthouse department agreed to convey the lighthouse to the city of Cascais for development of a historical museum dedicated to both the fort and the lighthouse. Andreas Köhler visited in 2009 and reports that a small museum on Portuguese lighthouses is now open. Located on the south point of land in Cascais, adjacent to a large marina. Site and museum open, tower closed. ARLHS POR-052; PT-195; Admiralty D2118; NGA 3388. -The Lighthouse Directory

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