Go Swimming


Kitty and the Fishbowl


Kitty and the Goldfish Bowl

Doe and Kid


Doe and Kid

Editor’s Note – this card was ripped in the mail – the Finnish Postal Service put it in an envelope with a long letter (I can’t read) and sent it on to me.  This is such a wonderful card that I am very grateful that they did!

Lamb Yelling


Lamb Yelling

TV Tower at Alexanderplatz


Fernsehturm am Alexanderplatz – Berlin 

TV Tower at Alexanderplatz – Berlin

For more info, click here

Kornik Castle


Zamek Korniku – Kornik Castle


…constructed in the 14th century. The current neogothic design and remodeling was done by the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel for Tytus Działyński and the son Jan Kanty Działyński. After Jan’s death, his brother-in-law Count Władysław Zamoyski received the castle in Jan’s will. Shortly before his death in 1924, the childless count willed the castle, along with an extensive art collection and the Kórnik Arboretum to the Polish state. The castle currently houses a museum and the Kórnik Library.  – Wikipedia

Sword-Lion of Anping


Sword-Lion of Anping

The people of Anging, Taiwan, used to decorate their house with the totem of Sward-Lion for protection against evil spirits.  Nowadays, it is a symbol of Anping.

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