Beavertail Light


Beavertail Light

Jamestown, Conanicut Island, Rhode Island

Beavertail (3)1856 (station established 1749). Active; focal plane 68 ft (21 m); white flash every 6 s, day and night. 45 ft (14 m) square cylindrical granite tower with lantern and double gallery, attached to a 2-story stucco-clad brick keeper’s house (1856); DCB-24 aerobeacon (1991). The tower is unpainted granite; lantern and watchroom painted black; keeper’s house white with red roofs. Fog horn (3 s blast every 30 s). The assistant keeper’s house (1898) houses a museum; the 4th order Fresnel lens used 1907-1991 is on display. One of D’Entremont’s photo is at right, Anderson has a good page for the station, has aerial photos, and Google has a satellite view. This is the nation’s fourth oldest light station (after Boston MA, Tybee Island GA, and Brant Point MA). The foundations of the 1749 lighthouse remain visible. The Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association works for preservation of the light station. BLMA is coordinating a plan for ownership by the State of Rhode Island and Town of Jamestown with the BLMA as the site manager in anticipation of the property being declared excess under the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act. BLMA operates the museum in the assistant keepers’s house and a custodian presently resides in the principal keeper’s house. The fog signal building houses an aquarium operated by the state Department of Environmental Management. In 2006, BLMA announced plans for expansion of the museum into all six structures on the light station when the station becomes available for transfer. In early 2008, the Champlin Foundation granted $227,000 for restoration of the light tower; Trabas has a photo showing this work in progress. Also in early 2008, the Coast Guard rejected a request from the town to lease the keeper’s house to a caretaker. Located on Beavertail Point on the southern tip of Conanicut Island in Jamestown. Site open daily; museum open daily late June through Labor Day, weekends in late spring and early fall; tower open on several days during the summer. Owner: U.S. Coast Guard. Site manager: Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association and Beavertail State Park. ARLHS USA-048; Admiralty J0624; USCG 1-17780.[Whale Rock] –The Lighthouse Directory

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