Niechorze Lighthouse

Niechorze Lighthouse – Poland

Niechorze {Horst}1866. Active; focal plane 63 m (207 ft); white flash every 10 s. 45 m (148 ft) octagonal concrete-covered German Imperial brick tower with lantern and gallery rising from a large 2-story brick keeper’s house. Light station surrounded by a brick wall. Lantern is white; the concrete on the tower is in the form of vertical panels, so the tower appears red with off-white vertical stripes. The concrete was added in 1924. This is a staffed station with a female head keeper as of 2005. The regional government has a page on the lighthouse, with many photos, Wikimedia has a large portfolio of photos, Huelse has a closeup photo, Trabas has a photo showing recent restoration work in progress, Anke and Jens have a similar photo, and Google has a very fuzzysatellite view. The tower was heavily damaged in World War II and required extensive reconstruction, which was completed in 1948. The lighthouse was fully restored in 1999-2000. Located just outside the seaside resort town of Niechorze about halfway between Kikut and Kołobrzeg. Site open; tower is open daily during the summer season. Operator: Urząd Morski w Szczecinie. ARLHS POL-014; Admiralty C2904; NGA 6520. – The Lighthouse Directory

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