Vuutoren Eireland, Texel

Vuurtoren Eierland, Texel

1864 (extensively rebuilt in 1948-49). Active; focal plane 53 m (174 ft); two white flashes, separated by 2.3 s, every 10 s. 35 m (114 ft) round cylindrical brick tower with lantern and gallery, painted red; lantern and watch room painted white. 3rd order Fresnel lens in use.  In April 1945, prisoners of war from Soviet Georgia seized the lighthouse during a revolt against their German captors; the Germans retook the station, severely damaging the lighthouse in the process. The lighthouse was rebuilt with a new cylindrical brick wall surrounding the damaged original. Additional restoration was carried out in 1996. For many years the lighthouse was painted a rose color; in 2004 it was repainted in the original bright red. The light station is endangered by beach erosion, which has been controlled by a sea wall. Located at the north end of the island of Texel, marking the Engelschmangat, the inlet between Texel and Vlieland. Accessible by road; Texel is accessible by ferry from Den Helder. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS NET-024; NL-2064; Admiralty B0886; NGA 9960.

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