Lighthouses of the White Sea – Stamps of Russia

Lighthouses of the White Sea – Stamps of Russia

Solovetskiy and Mud’yugskiy

SOLOVETSKIY Ostrov Solovetskiy (Solovki)

1863. Active; focal plane 98 m (322 ft); two white flashes every 8 s. 27 m (89 ft) Orthodox church with a lantern mounted atop its onion-shaped dome. Fresnel lens in use. Church painted white, dome red, lantern green.  The Church of the Ascension is one of the many buildings associated with the Solovetskiy Monastery, which was founded in the 1420s and is one of the most historic sites of the Russian North. The building was being repainted in the spring of 2009. Solovetskiy Island is accessible by air or by ferries from Kem. Located atop Mount Sekirnaya, a hill on the northwestern corner of the island, about 8 km (5 m) northwest of Solovetskiy. Site open, building status uncertain. ARLHS ERU-064; RU-4470; Admiralty L6788; NGA 15812.


MUD’YUGSKIY Mud’yugskiy

1838. Active; focal plane 40 m (131 ft); two white flashes every 9.7 s. 40 m (131 ft) round stone tower with lantern and gallery. Fog horn (8 blasts every 40 s). Recently restored, this historic lighthouse is now painted bright yellow with white trim. This is the traditional landfall light for Arkhangel’sk and the oldest lighthouse of the Russian North. Located on an island just off the main (eastern) entrance to the Dvina delta. Site status unknown. ARLHS ERU-146; RU-3610; Admiralty L6970; NGA 16044.

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