Sailing Along Den Helder

Sailing Along Den Helder


Kijkduin – Den Helder, “Lange Jaap (Long James)”

1878 (Quirinius Harder). Station established 1822. Active; focal plane 57 m (187 ft); four white flashes, separated by 3.1 s, every 20 s. 55.5 m (182 ft) 16-sided cast iron tower with lantern and gallery, painted red; lantern painted white with a red dome. 1st order Fresnel lens in use. Rotating radar antenna mounted atop the lantern.  One of the world’s great lighthouses, this was the tallest Dutch lighthouse until the Maasvlakte lighthouse was built at Rotterdam in 1974. Prefabricated by Penn & Bauduin in Dordrecht. The lighthouse was closed to the public in 1998 due to safety concerns. Located in Huisduinen, just west of Den Helder. Site open; due to safety concerns the tower has been closed to tours since 1998. ARLHS NET-051; NL-1494; Admiralty B0858; NGA 9884.

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