Rockabill Lighthouse

Rockabill Lighthouse

County Dublin – No 71 in the Irish Lighthouse Series

Built in 1860 this charming lighthouse is sited off Skerries at 53 35.8N 06 00 .03W  It was made unwatched March 1989.  The tower is 32m high, the light is 45m above MHWS, white 22 red 18 n miles.

1860. Active; focal plane 45 m (148 ft); flash every 12 s, white toward the sea and red toward the land. 32 m (105 ft) round granite and limestone tower with lantern and gallery, painted white with one broad black horizontal band. Fog horn (4 blasts every 60 s); light is shown when the horn is operating during the day. 2-story keeper’s house and other buildings. Located on the larger of two small rocky islands about 5 km (3 mi) east of Skerries, northeast of Dublin. Accessible only by boat or helicopter; there are distant views from Skerries. Site and tower closed. Operator: Commissioners of Irish Lights. ARLHS IRE-062; Admiralty A5904; NGA 6664.

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