Metro Station, Novoslobodskaya

Moscow Metro Station


Opened 30 January 1952

The station’s architect, Alexey Dushkin has long wished to unitilise stained glass in decoration of a metro station, and the first drawings date to pre–World War II times. In 1948, with the aid of a young architect Alexander Strelkov, Dushkin came across the renowned artist Pavel Korin, who agreed to compose the artworks for the panels. The rest of the station was designed around the glass panels. Dushkin, taking the standard pylon layout designed the overall impression to resemble that of underground crypt.

 I am an admirer of the Moscow Metro designs.

Moscow Metro stations in my collection:

Novokuznetskaya Metro Stationsecond copythird copy

Teatralnaya Metro Stationsecond copy

Kievskaya Metro Stationsecond copy

Mayakovskaya Metro Station

Novoslobodskaya Metro Stationsecond copy

Belorusskaya Metro Station

Arbatskaya Metro Station

Moscow Metro Map

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