Greetings from Lovere

Saluti da Lovere

Greetings from Lovere

Lago d’Iseo – Lake Iseo

Lovere is a town and comune in the province of Bergamo, in Lombardy, Italy, at the north-west end of Lake Iseo.  The houses in the city have overhanging wooden roofs, typical of Switzerland, united with the heavy stone arcades of Italy; it faces a lake and has a semicircle of mountains behind. Lovere is part of The most beautiful villages in Italy, an Association that notes small Italian towns of strong artistic and historical interest.

Fountain pillar and bust dedicated to Count Luigi Tadini (1745 – 1829) founder of the AcademyTadini, the four sides of the base of the stone symbols of liberal arts of geometry, music, painting, architecture

Galleria d’arte ACCADEMIA TADINI LOVERE – Art Gallery

Santuario della Santa Gerosa e Capitanio – Shrine of the Holy Capitanio and Gerosa

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