Winter Water, Summer Sky ~ Oswego Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse

Winter Water, Summer Sky

Local award winning photographic artist, Bob Clark, combined seasonal shots to create this unique rendering of Oswego’s West Pierhead Lighthouse in Oswego, New York.

Oswego Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse – 1934 (station established 1880). Active; focal plane 57 ft (17.5 m); flash every 5 s, alternating red and white. Approx. 40 ft (12 m) square cylindrical metal tower with lantern and gallery, rising from one corner of a 1-story keeper’s house, mounted on a stone caisson-like foundation at the end of the pier. The original 4th order Fresnel lens is on display at the H. Lee White Marine Museum adjacent to the pier. Buildings painted white with red roofs. Fog horn (blast every 30 s). A photo is at the top of this page, Anderson has a comprehensive page for the lighthouse, Lighthouse Digest has Tim Harrison’s article on the history of the station

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