Winter Trees from Germany

Let the sun shine in your heart

and if the wind is too frozen, 

the sun will surely blow away

all of the clouds

Winter trees and sun from Germany

Charles Irvin’s Weavers Shop

Charles Irvin’s Weavers Shop

Black Creek Pioneer Village

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Charles Irvin’s Weavers Shop is typical of a commercial weaver’s establishment in the late 1860’s.  In these shops, such goods as custom woven rag rugs and beautiful coverlets are produced.  Here a weaver operates the flying shuttle loom while her assistant winds wool for the shuttle.

Balchik, Bulgaria

Balchik, Bulgaria

The Balchik Palace is a palace in the Bulgarian Black Sea town and resort of Balchik in Southern Dobruja. The official name of the palace was the Quiet Nest Palace. It was constructed between 1926 and 1937, during the Romanian control of the region, for the needs of Queen Marie of Romania. The palace complex consists of a number of residential villas, a smoking hall, a wine cellar, a power station, a monastery, a holy spring, a chapel and many other buildings, as well as most notably a park that is today a state-run botanical garden.   – Wikipedia  Queen Marie was also a member of the  Bahá’í Faith and the palace has the iconography of multiple religions.

Interestingly, Queen Marie was a contributor to Maryhill Museum in Washington State.  For more information, click here

There is a Balchik Palace stamp on the card

Porto Miggiano, Italy

Porto Miggiano, Italy

Port Miggiano is a coastal municipality of Santa Cesarea Terme .  The town inhabited almost exclusively during the summer, has a small marina and a tower of the same name built in the sixteenth century to defend against attacks by the Saracens .

Palmetto Sunrise

Palmetto Sunrise

South Carolina

The Palmetto tree with crescent moon is one of South Carolina’s most popular symbols and is the design of the State Flag.  This photo was taken by Richard Bernabe.  You can see more of his work at  Richard is a professional photographer and has produced several books.

Crater Lake National Park – Winter

Crater Lake National Park


Aerial View in the Winter

Oregon Elk

Oregon Elk

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