Ponte Sant’ Angelo

Italy - Sant' Angelo Bridge


Ponte Sant’ Angelo and Castel Sant’ Angelo

Germany - Regensburg Stone Bridge stamps

Castles of Ludwig II




Thun, Switzerland

Switzerland - Thun

Castle of Thun

Switzerland - Thun stamps

Sokjojan – Doksu Palace

Korea - Doksu Palace

Sokjojaan – Doksu Palace
Seoul, Korea

Korea - Doksu Palace stamps

The Imperial Palace

Japan - the Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace
Main Gate Stone Bridge
which is in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

Japan - the Imperial Palace stamps

Turku Castle

Finland -Turku Castle

Turku Castle

Finland -Turku Castle stamps

The Salvo Palace

Uruguay - Salvo Palace

The Salvo Palace
Montevideo, Uruguay

It was made by architect Mario Palanti.  The building, which came to be the tallest in South America (95 meters tall) was inaugurated in 1928.

Uruguay - Salvo Palace stamps

Castle Sant’ Angelo

Italy -Castle Sant' Angelo

Castle Sant’ Angelo
Rome, Italy
For more information, click here

Annecy at Mardi Gras

France - Annecy Little Venice of the Alps

Annecy, France
At Mardi Gras

France - Annecy Little Venice of the Alps stamps

Castle Veveri

Czech Republic - Castle Veveri

Castle Veveri
Czech Republic

Czech Republic - Castle Veveri stamps

Czech Republic - Castle Veveri origami

Czech Republic - Castle Veveri back of eps

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